Admission to IPRMSA – USM Chapter
Membership of IPRMSA – USM Chapter is open to:

  • Student of Public Relations Specialization.
  • Student from major in persuasive communication, School of Communication.
  • Students from other major in School of Communication.
  • Students from other schools in USM or students minor in Communication.

Prior to admission to IPRMSA – USM Chapter, every student must have taken or is currently taking the course titled Public Relations.
Subscription Fee
The subscription shall be paid to the Treasurer or in his/her absence, to the President or Deputy President.

The annual subscription payable in advance each year shall be as follows:

  • Registrations fee (upon admission only)              RM 7.00
  • Processing fee (upon admission only)                 RM 5.00
  • Continuing fee (for every new semester)           RM 5.00

The council shall be authorized to make changes in the subscription fee from time to time.




IPRMSA-USM Chapter welcome all NEMGRADS' seminar participants






School of Communication

Institute of Public Relations Malaysia